Peniche, Portugal Local Time:  

Flickr Set: Content from Day 3 - Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal 2013

The Portuguese national team played to a 1-1 draw vs. Israel on Friday night.
Francisco Alves and Fernando Costa were there to cheer on the national team.
The Portuguese love their soccer.
They were doing "The Wave" in Lisbon on Friday night.
Adriano De Souza is a big-time soccer fan and jumped at the opportunity to see the World Cup qualifying match in Lisbon.
John Florence and crew waiting for a goal.
A crew of the ASP Top 34 headed into Lisbon on Friday night for the Portugal vs. Israel soccer match.
Packed house in Lisbon.
Flying the national flag in Peniche.
Aside from the lack of waves, it was a picture perfect day in Portugal today.
Room with a view.
Castles In The Sky.
Peniche is fisherman territory.
Plenty of room to stretch out on Portugal's beaches.
It may have been a lay day for the surfers of the ASP, but it was just another work day for most in Portugal.
Street scene.
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