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The Wave at Padang Padang

Today, Padang Padang is also a sacred place for surfers. It’s often referred to as "the best wave in Bali" or "the Balinese Pipeline."

Among all of Bali’s surfing treasures, Padang Padang is truly the crown gem. Like most sought-after prizes, however, scoring this mythical wave is easier said than done. Many traveling surfers spend their entire time in Bali without ever witnessing Padang’s true potential.

Real Padang only shows its face on the biggest of Indian Ocean swells, when nearby Uluwatu is at least 10 to 12 feet on the face and the island’s beachbreaks are all maxing out. The wave features a narrow takeoff zone followed by a perfect almond green barrel which quickly grinds its way into a deep water channel. With the sharp reef lurking just below the surface and the peak detonating mere feet from jagged rocks, Padang is strictly for the most skilled of riders. When it’s on, the lineup is filled with all the best surfers from Bali, along with numerous top international riders.

The beach at Padang, meanwhile, is famous for its golden sands, beautiful beachgoers and excellent vantage points of the action in the water. All these elements combine with the quality of the wave to make Padang the ultimate surf contest site, and the perennial choice for the Rip Curl Cup.